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  • The latest plunge in global oil prices has the exact relationship of the price revision and the taken its hit on the local market. Long lines stations’ disappointment, diesel became…

  • The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is on the process of establishing its own banknotes and security printing factory to print cash locally. The Bank announced a tender two weeks…

  • The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) has hired Kifiya Financial Technology Plc to collect license fees for television owners. Kifya, a subsidiary company of Global Computing Solutions Plc (GCS), is a…

  • Controversy ensued last week among Zeway International Group Plc shareholders after a record offer of 305,000 Br per square meter, during the eleventh round land lease auction. The unprecedented price…

  • The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is establishing a Financial Inclusion Council (FIC) and its secretariat, which will work on increasing the number of account holders in the country. Establishing…

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Romanat Falls

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Romanat is a village found 8km North West of Mekelle. The village can be reached either from the new Mekelle–Abbi Addi road or across the city on foot, by bike and by car. On foot it is better to travel through the road running near Enda Gabir chuches and the Mekelle Art Ccollege, crossing the industrial area to reach the place in 2 hours. By bike and by car it is better to use the ring road and then the road running near the Messebo cement Factory to Abi Adi. It is the Elala River that causes the fall known as Romanat to be created.

Romanat Falls - image credit - Girmay Gebru

The fall created a natural swimming pool deep in to its gorge. The cold water in the swimming pool flourishes new life in the dry season. Inda Michael Church in Romanat is also a worth visiting church which has many thick indigenous trees in its compound. One can enjoys the songs of various bird species in the church compound. The Romanat fall is drawing the attention of many city residents and tourists in the weekends. It is wonderful place to be visited in group with friends, family staff members and so forth.


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